A sustainable yield token for DeFi
The CML Token combines the world's oldest financial game, with the newest. Now anyone, anywhere in the world can discover a brand new way to play lottery.
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Official Online Lottery Partner of Serie A club, Atalanta B.C.
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Problems with other DeFi tokens
Highly volatile
No floor to their value
Mostly useless
Not sustainable
Too complex
Real value
Real utility
Token holders earn sustainable yield in perpetuity by taking an anonymous stake in the world's biggest lottery syndicate.

As long as lottery exists, there will always be yield generated for token holders.

The CML Token has a tangible intrinsic value, which provides a genuine 'floor' to its price.

This 'floor' value is based on discounted future lottery winnings a holder can obtain and the incremental value created by increasing the number of tokens held to obtain free tickets in each draw.
The CML Token provides holders with a share of the winnings from Crypto Millions Lotto tickets for the bi-weekly draws.

The greater the number of tokens someone holds, the greater their share of the winnings.
Why CML Token
For lottery players
CML Token holders will be playing free "golden lottery tickets" in every draw, staking and pooling their tokens with others and earning yield from lottery winnings twice a week. As the pool increases, larger amounts of free tickets are played, further improving their chances of winning.
For speculators
Keen-eyed speculators will play the markets based on the adoption of Crypto Millions Lotto, rollovers, big jackpots, winners and partnerships. Every lottery player will be encouraged to buy tokens. The more people play, the more the demand for the token. Speculators will bring value and liquidity to the token.
For HODLers
The yield incentive creates a reward for not selling tokens and rational reason to hold tokens long term, creating a similar effect to reducing the circulating supply. A genuine buy-to-hold organic purchase of the tokens is a reality. As long as lottery is played, HODLers will receive passive Bitcoin income.
For Yield Seekers
Progressive staking tiers will allow the CML Token holders to passively play lottery without buying a single ticket. No registration on site, no depositing funds, no picking numbers. The result is probabilistic yield. Holders will benefit from a regular stream of Bitcoin earnings, with the potential of winning a jackpot-sized reward.
Meet our team
Sulim Malook
Jane Malook
Natasha Malook
Former professional bond options trader on exchange floor in the City of London. Co-founded company that had most downloaded stock market app on BlackBerry and floated it successfully on Deutsche Börse in Germany. Experienced in lottery operations and scaling business globally.
Former trading assistant in the City of London working for several American and Japanese brokerage desks. Co-founded company that had the most downloaded stock market app on BlackBerry and floated it successfully on Deutsche Börse in Germany. Experienced in eGaming license and lottery management.
Operations executive with extensive experience in every aspect of lottery: customer support, third party content, testing, translation
and payments. Successfully managed 30+ lotteries across Africa working closely with the Nigerian Professional Football League and various charity lotteries.
James Leppard
Former merchant banker in Latin America. Successfully operated a
lottery business, which introduced online betting on lottery across the region. Listed the company on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange where it remained for 4+ years and provided initial investors with a 20x + ROI.
Dr Nick Almond
Wendy Lawrence
Professor with expertise in cryptography, the impact of decentralisation, blockchain technologies, the adoption of emerging technology and Tokenomics. Gained a MRes in Biophysics and Doctorate in Surface Science and Biophysics from the University of Liverpool.
Extensive lottery and e-commerce experience with the biggest companies in the industry. Part of the initial team that created and launched National Lottery instants with the UK National Lottery. Well respected industry consultant who has carried out public speaking engagements for state lotteries, charity lotteries and B2B lottery suppliers.
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"Official Online Lottery Partner" of Serie A club, Atalanta B.C.
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